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From a research project to a market research revolution

Our story

Veylinx started as an academic project to find the most reliable method that predicts what people will buy. Common research methods rely on what people say, which has, time and time again, shown to be unreliable.

Anouar, one of the founders of Veylinx, became interested in research methods that ask people to vote with their wallet. He discovered that a small group of economists and psychologists have been using experimental auctions to generate realistic consumer insights. However, there was no easy and quick way to conduct these types of studies.

Not much longer after that, Veylinx became the first online experimental auction platform.

Anouar and Rainier, Veylinx founders


Currently present in 4 cities, Veylinx is expanding quickly - Amsterdam HQ, London, Geneva and Marrakech. While collaborating with international clients, Veylinx has delivered projects in 15+ countries across Europe, US and Asia.

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