Fast and realistic insights at every step of the way

  • Idea stage
  • Idea screener
  • Concept stage
  • Concept test
  • Price test
  • Target group analysis
  • Volumetrics
  • Product stage
  • Product test
  • Claim test
  • Pack test
  • Competitor analysis
  • Volumetrics
  • Launch stage
  • Ad test
  • TV copy test
Idea stage : Veylinx solutions

Idea stage

Idea screener

Compare early product ideas and identify which ones to further develop.

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Concept stage : Veylinx solutions

Concept stage

Concept test

Identify winning concepts.

Price test

Discover optimal pricing for maximizing sales and profit.

Target group analysis

Find out who your target group is.


Estimate potential sales volume.

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Product stage : Veylinx solutions

Product stage

Product test

Understand what consumers value about your product.

Claim test

Identify which claims activate shoppers the most.

Pack test

Test and compare the impact of packaging.

Competitor analysis

Compare how well your products perform compared to the competition.


Estimate potential sales volume.

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Launch stage : Veylinx solutions

Launch stage

Ad test

Evaluate to what extent your advertisement adds value.

TV copy test

Measure the effectiveness of your TV copy.

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